April 27th, 2005

Anarkisto Veloboato Kolektivo

Uncommon Pronouns (angle)

(Pardon the English; I'm in a bit of a hurry and it takes me longer to write in Esperanto. :-S )

I've seen "ci" (second person singular; "vi" being second person plural) used in a comic book ("Vola Pug"). Are there others who use it regularly? Who? Why? Is it catching on stylistically (I hope so; I think it's almost essential to have both singular and plural second person forms)?

Also, there are multiple examples of genderless third person pronouns (ri, sxli, ktp.). Which one is used most widely (I think it's "ri", the movement using it being called "ri-ism")? It seems that Esperanto's gender bias is one of the hottest issues, and I'm in agreement that there should be change somehow (I'm just not completely sure how yet). (Please don't get into a huge gender discussion. I'm talking solely about pronouns, not vir-, -in-, or anything else.)